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12 Years of Amazing Weight Loss and Health results for ordinary people!

Normandy Gym opened its doors in October of 2002 in a once occupied Miami Herald Delivery Truck Warehouse in Normandy Isle. Normandy Isle and North Beach in general wasn’t the same as it is today by a long stretch. The area has picked up, more people escaping the high rent areas of South Beach, etc., more young couples and less temporary travelers. I chose the name Normandy Gym and not some other cool name for a Boxing Gym because I felt the neighborhood needed a place that was identifiable as their own. During the Pre-opening days of 2002  I had more than a few people walk in to offer their opinion or assumptions on how long we would last as a Boxing Gym with no air conditioning. Needless to say here we are after 12 years of hard work and alot of sweat. I often say my sweat alone in teaching 1000’s of classes here myself over the years would cause a Tsunami if it had been  collected in one place and then released 🙂 The Gym has been a labor of love for me over the years. In fact that love has been tested countless times in the past especially during the Financial Crisis of 2008 where we had Doctors, Lawyers and Bankers coming in to cancel memberships as a result of their losses! We had many long term members who regretably had to leave the area or Florida entirely in search of Jobs or better incomes. Most said the hardest part of leaving wasn’t necessarily the Beach but the gym and their routine here! So many lost weight, came off meds, and improved their health and mental well being overall. Amazingly after the downturn some who had to leave the State vowed they would someday return and get right back to this Gym and some did! As with alot of others our Gym’s survival was at risk during that hard time. However, the one and only thing that kept us alive when others dissappeared and still stands today is RESULTS! Normandy Gym has consistently provided the results that people need when they slap down their hard earned money. Results coupled with our Energy and Enthusiasm is unstoppable! No one Financial Crisis, Hurricane Scare (we’ve had many) or potential Competition by other Gyms can stop our growing popularity. When first timers walk in the Gym they can immediately sense the Energy and observe that something “special” goes on here. Our Instructors are always among the Top echelon when it comes to the many Boxing Gyms that cropped up over the years since we pioneered “TechnoBox”. We were always the Innovators from the start. In fact most of any quality Trainers here in the Miami area started with me and those who adapted to my style of teaching have gone on with their careers elsewhere. However,  the really good ones remained here with me throughout the years. Alot of CopyCat Gyms jumped on the KickBoxing BandWagon along the way and most went by the way of the Dinosaur over the years. Similar to the Tattoo Parlor Craze that hit Miami when Ami James (a friend of mine and Normandy’s) of Miami Ink branded the first Tattoo reality show. No one has the commitment to lasting quality like we do here at Normandy. As the cliche’ goes “you tried the rest now come to the best”! Weightloss Welcome to Normandy Circa 2002   Continue Reading

What Our Clients Say

  •    I was there tonight for the first time... I signed up right then and there... It was freaking awesome!!!


  •    The best gym in Miami Beach.


  •    Do you Want to lose weight ? You've come to the right place.


  •    Heard it is a great gym gonna train there in three weeks when I'm over. Can't wait.


  •    The best gym, and the trainers are the best.


  •    Great classes, great instructors, great personal trainers! Guaranteed results.


Community Partners

Miami Beach Police Athletic Leage (PAL) and Normandy Gym partner up for Neighborhood Anti-Bullying Safety Zone, providing a Youth Boxing Program (2012-14).
Youth Boxing Program available for kids ages 13-17.

See it in Action!


We are proud sponsors of The Andrew Ortega Foundation. The organization is committed to preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death (SCA/D) in children through awareness, education, screenings and action.

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