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Give Us your Time and Energy! Be Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse!

That’s the Halloween month edict here at Normandy Gym! In light of October’s Seasonal fun and the endless re-runs of Zombie shows we thought we would use it to get your attention for this month’s Blog 🙂 All joking aside, being physically prepared for anything is actually the real edict when it comes to our classes and training here at Normandy. I always say I would much rather spend an hour getting in exercise that prepares me for the more “physical things” that a dynamic and sometimes “Spooky” 🙂 City like Miami will throw at me. Perhaps learning something worthwhile…. like…., how to throw…., or block a punch? Rather than just becoming a “Zombie” 🙂 on some treadmill and staring at a screen for an hour. Personally, doing that over and over will invariably lead to my boredom with exercise. I’m certain a lot of people feel the same way and it probably defines why we have lasting success in “Gym crazed” Miami Beach. We’ve been innovative in our approach to exercise over the years and every membership hour at Normandy is well spent in terms of bringing up the energy level and physical self assurance. Nothing floats my boat more than seeing some “skeleton” 🙂 of a person that once was, join our Gym, then gets addicted to the energy of the classes, feels great, comes off meds, and grows physically stronger and self-confident! That has been our story here over the years and we have the names and faces to prove it! I invite you to come in if you aren’t familiar with the Gym and see their Pics and hear their stories. We do make positive things happen for people and we do it with substance and a lot of personal effort and flair on behalf of our Trainers. We just don’t have you sign the paperwork and then escort you to a row of brilliant Cardio technology that Bill Gates couldn’t figure out. Those same multi-mode machines that help you become more “bugged out” about looking at screens and buttons…., as if we don’t have enough of that in our lives already. We keep exercise simple, raw if you will…., BUT ….. WE WILL KEEP YOU DETERMINED! That’s our commitment to our fellow Man here at Normandy Gym! A UNIQUE Gym doing very BIG THINGS in a neighborhood named NORMANDY ISLE! In the Spirit of Trick Or Treat Month bring a friend who lives in Miami in for a free introductory class! Be safe and watch out for Zombies!   LOGO BOOT CAMP

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What Our Clients Say

  •    I was there tonight for the first time... I signed up right then and there... It was freaking awesome!!!


  •    The best gym in Miami Beach.


  •    Do you Want to lose weight ? You've come to the right place.


  •    Heard it is a great gym gonna train there in three weeks when I'm over. Can't wait.


  •    The best gym, and the trainers are the best.


  •    Great classes, great instructors, great personal trainers! Guaranteed results.


Community Partners

Miami Beach Police Athletic Leage (PAL) and Normandy Gym partner up for Neighborhood Anti-Bullying Safety Zone, providing a Youth Boxing Program (2012-14).
Youth Boxing Program available for kids ages 13-17.

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We are proud sponsors of The Andrew Ortega Foundation. The organization is committed to preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest/Death (SCA/D) in children through awareness, education, screenings and action.

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